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Summer Strength and Conditioning

2020 Summer Vertical Jump Camp

Mizuno M1 Volleyball and N1Motion are teaming up once again for 2020 summer performance training. Join our 2020 Summer Vertical Jump Camp to help your athlete take their game to new heights by improving their vertical jump, explosive strength, speed, quickness, core, mobility, and injury prevention.

The Vertical Jump Camp is for athletes 12+

*All training is held at M1 Volleyball Club in Bloomington, MN

Get 20% off Summer Vertical Jump Camp early registration using code (JUMP20) valid through April 1

About the Vertical Jump Camp

This camp is all about empowering athletes to take their game to new heights! In this 60 minute class, we take athletes through our complete jump training system, speed/agility development, and volleyball specific strength training protocol. Learn from expert coaches on how to jump out the gym, enhance reaction time, develop an explosive first step, and strengthen core stability to optimize athleticism to get recognized by coaches. We enhance vertical explosion and overall athleticism by improving movement efficiency, increasing strength to body mass ratio, training the central nervous system, and improving type II muscle fibers to enhance elasticity to make your athlete quicker and more explosive!

Register at the link below!